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Finding you new music, because you’re not doing it.

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Despite the color, this hairstyle probably is rather accurate.

I once heard that geneologists can get a pretty good approximation of a woman’s age based on their hairstyle. As I recall, a woman will get a hairstyle in adolescence and then usually stick pretty close to it for the rest of their lives. Modern women like to scoff at that idea, but look around and you can see the hairstyle they were likely sporting in high school, or something similar.

I think the same holds true for music. The music you were listening to when a person is 20 is probably 80% of what they’re listening to at 40. Not that they’re necessarily listening to what is popular when they were 20, mind you. But that music you found in late adolescence tends to stick with you.

Where that mindset becomes a problem is when the music from late adolescence is the ONLY music in a person’s life. Some people get stuck in that rut out of complacency, others bewilderment on where to find new ideas, and some are just too gol-danged busy.

For some, music isn’t important to them, and they aren’t interested in finding more. Read no further. Except for some funny stories about my kids or an occasionally self-deprecating jokes, I have nothing to offer you. But I know there are some of you out there that yearn to expand what you’re listening to, but just don’t know where to begin. It’s for you people, that I write. Welcome to Music for Busy People.

One song a week. Give it a try, you might like it.

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