Fluid Funky Butter Sweet

Static Panic
Photo by Graham Tolbert

If Prince and Michael Jackson had a music baby it would be Static Panic.  And it’s not by accident. Their front person, Ro Lorenzen shared with City Pages, “I’ve always had this fascination with the bombastic glitz and glamour of the ‘80s when it comes to sound and visuals and finding ways to bring polish to a time some people think was a little too extra.” (Full article)

I’ve had the pleasure to catch a couple Static Panic sets at festivals in Minneapolis. Most recently was at The Bryant Lake Bowl Block Party at Pride 2019. In preparation, I told my two young children, “Some people might be dressed up. You can dress up, if you want.” Before I could explain much more, one kid had his heart set what he wanted to wear. By the time Static Panic took the stage, it was already dark, so the band probably didn’t notice there was a mini He-Man in the audience.

Family photo
Families that go to Pride together, stay together.

Now that you love Fluid Funky Butter Sweet:

Don’t hear Micheal Jackson? Think I’m tooootally off? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Fluid Funky Butter Sweet by Static Panic 2017


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