Christian’s Nomination: Missed Connections

Missed Connection Burning Mn
I hope the Universe brings them together, too.

Like a lot of songs by The Head and The Heart, Missed Connections is Pop-y and whimsical, or as David Browne from Rolling Stone described it, a “gently propulsive, breathily harmonized first single”.  But the best part, according to Christian, are the lyrics of the chorus. “I like how he’s reminiscing fondly about a chance encounter.” I would add that well timed “Nah Nah Nah Nah” is usually a value-add in any song.

Listen to Missed Connections:

This song was nominated by Christian, who splits his time between Texas and Alaska, home and work. He’ll be back in Texas in time for ACL (that’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, for the rest of us) and is excited to see Gary Clark Jr, Black Pistol Fire, Flora Cash, The CURE and Brittany Howard.

Since neither Christian nor I have a humorous Missed Connections story, we’ll leave that to Ellen:


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Missed Connections by The Head and the Heart 2019


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