State Fair Edition: 5 out of 6

Don't see too many rivals nowThis is a special edition of Music for Busy People because this post couldn’t wait until next week. As I started digging into my favorite single from Dessa’s 2018 album Chime, there were so many State Fair connections:

  1. Dessa is playing two sets at the Minnesota State Fair over Labor Day weekend, for free.
  2. My favorite part of the State Fair are the craft competitions. The “Official Lyric Video” for 5 out of 6 includes hundreds of pieces of art from fans depicting the lyrics. Many of the lyrics have been cross-stitched, embroidered, piped, (and the big daddy of State Fair crafts, and my personal favorite) seeded. More about the making of the video 
  3. But the thing that put the fire in my belly to green light this post: Izzy’s is debuting a new ice cream flavor at the State Fair named after Dessa. If you think that makes Dessa pretty cool, you might poop your pants to find out this is the 2nd Dessa-inspired ice cream flavor. 

In addition to all this fair frivolity, 5 out of 6 is a great song. The confidence and swagger in the lyrics remind me of the Battle Rap style made popular by Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Kool Mo Dee in the 1980’s, if maybe slightly more nuanced and refined. This song is a good counter balance to the other songs on Chime that address topics of grief and loss. 

So there you have it, two free shows, seed art and ice cream. I hereby nominate Dessa as the Queen of the 2019 Minnesota State Fair. Give this song a try, then check out her set on Sunday and Monday at 8:30pm on the Leinenkugel Stage at the Minnesota State Fair. 

5 out of 6 by Dessa 2018


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