Best films about music?

The Guardian recently posted their list of the 30 Best Films About Music chosen by musicians. The list does not appear to be exhaustive, nor ranked in any manner. I encourage you to give it a looksie as there are more than a few that I’m hoping to root out and watch.

Here are a few I think they missed:

Eddie and the Cruisers
Eddie and the Cruisers (1983):
If your childhood didn’t include this movie, I weep for you. This movie was a favorite of my classic rock listening family. I can still probably sing “On the Dark Side” in its entirety, and Eddie Wilson was definitely my first Rock and Roll crush. Mystery and intrigue shrouds the whole plot and the music is stellar. MBP rating: 5 Thumbs Up



Joan and Bob
Rolling Thunder (2019):
If you are even just modest fan of Bob Dylan, or “only like his older stuff”, this is a must-see movie. Don’t read anymore reviews and just watch it on Netflix already. After you’re done watching, then read about it. MBP rating: 5 Thumbs Up



Bob 1967

Don’t Look Back (1967) “You can’t have a list if you don’t include Don’t Look Back. The FIRST music video!” The Guardian’s list lost all credibility for Jeremy (my live music sidekick and life co-pilot). And he’s absolutely right. D.A Pennybaker’s film documenting Bob Dylan’s 1965 tour of England is important for the genre and a great time capsule of a really pivotal period in Dylan’s career. This is the Rock Doc that launched a thousand ships. MBP Rating: 5 Thumbs Up


What songs made the list that you love? What songs were robbed because they didn’t get mentioned? Put them in comments below!

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