Trina’s nomination: The Joke

I’m ecstatic to share our first song nominated by a reader: Trina (aka Treble Maker)! What makes Trina a Busy Person? She works in IT at a local firm in Central Minnesota. She’s the only woman in an office full of Dudes and some of the conversations she describes at work could inspire it’s own sitcom. In addition, she skate for S.C.A.R. Dolls Roller Derby. Roller derby isn’t just hitting people in roller skates and wearing jean vests, but there’s a lot of work to run a small non-profit organization. For the past several seasons, Ms. Maker has been leading the Sponsorship and Marketing efforts for the league.

Busy Person: Trina
Trina (aka Treble Maker) shares why you should be listening to Brandi Carlile.

Lately, Trina has been turning Brandi Carlile’s The Joke as a touchstone:  

“The song is so incredibly powerful. The first time I heard this song, I immediately got chills. It reminds me of so many struggles we go through growing up trying to find who we are. If you need a song to remind you of how god damn strong you are, this is it. You may cry a little bit, just accept it. Don’t sleep on Brandi Carlile. She is so incredibly talented and has plenty of fantastic songs that will move you and maybe remind you that you’re not alone.”


Listening to The Joke, you can hear Carlile urge two characters to press on and foretelling their future success despite their detractors attempts to take them down. It reminded me of a campaign the SCAR Dolls did during their 2017-18 season called, “Advice I’d give my younger self”. I dug up Treble Maker’s response; it sounds like it could be the inspiration for a new, third verse of The Joke. 


You are so beautiful inside and out just as you are. You don’t need others in your life to validate that for you. Young Treble felt like she needed approval to be who she was. It legitimately took her joining roller derby to discover and embrace exactly who she was.”

Next Steps: 

  • If you love The Joke, buy it!
  • More songs by Carlile:
    • The Mother (You won’t be able to relate to this song unless you are a mother, or have a mother, or know a mother. Best case scenario, you’ll get through it with a severe case of the chills)
    • Sugar Tooth
  • Same neck of the woods:
    • Neko Case: Still Night Comes  “I revenged myself all over myself, there’s nothing you can do to me” 
  • Follow the SCAR Dolls shenanigans on Facebook.
  • See Brandi Carlile in concert! She’ll be at the Great Minnesota Get Together real soon! Enter to win tickets & Other Tour Dates


Do YOU have a song that you’d love to share with other Busy People? Nominate it! 

The Joke by Brandi Carlile 2018 


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