Good As Hell

IMG_0390I started thinking about writing this blog a long time ago. And even a year ago, I knew one of the first people I’d share would be Lizzo. As time went on and the possibility of having more time to devote to this hobby became a reality, I’ve been thinking, “Does everyone already know Lizzo?” It’s hard to miss her lately, because she’s kind of, like, everywhere. And by everywhere I really mean it: Performance at BET Awards, Tiny-Ass Desk Concert, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

My most recent, and maybe the most surprising Lizzo-drop, was a concert at First Ave in Minneapolis this weekend by IDLES. Partway through Love Song, they diverted into a montage of Lizzo’s Juice, and Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U, and Diamonds & Pearls. It feels like everyone knows the Gospel of Lizzo.

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 9.47.27 PMAnd if everyone knows about Lizzo, maybe there is no need for Music for Busy People to write about her? When I went back to my original concept of this blog and realized that, there are some of you out there that are, indeed too busy to know who Lizzo is and why you need her in her life. 

Many of my peers will tell me, “Oh, I don’t listen to hip hop. Only 90’s rap.” There might be several reasons for this that we won’t bother to explore right now, except to suggest that people are looking for some fun, feel-good hip hop songs with which that are easy to sing along. It’s to you all, that I’m speaking. Those of you that know every word of Salt N Peppa’s Push It, or have your go-to dance moves when “Bust a Move” gets unearthed at a wedding reception or those that can still remember every word to  “It Takes Two”. There might also be some of you that just don’t like Hip Hop, however, with her recent album, you’ll find more more to compare to Aretha Franklin- a great soulful voice and melodies.  

“If you can love me, you can love yourself.” -Lizzo

IMG_0921Beyond the music, what I love about Lizzo is her positivity. Positivity for herself, for her body, inclusivity and the ease at which her lyrics can be yelled out a car window while driving. For the parents reading this considering if her songs are a good choice for children: she cusses, but her message of positivity more than makes up for a few swear words. Here is a little about Lizzo’s rise to power and why you need her in your life: Lizzo on feminism, self-love and bringing “hallelujah moments” to stage by Terri Gross.

Change is hard folks, but we can do it together. Here’s what you do: 

  • Listen to Lizzo’s Good As Hell (video is below). 
  • If you think it’s awful, move on. You don’t have time for that kind of negativity in your life. Check back next week for a different song to try. 
  • If you think you might like it, listen again. A couple more times. The songs we “like” are often because we’ve just heard the song over and over.  
  • If you decide Good as Hell is decent, consider listening to more in her catalog, or maybe some other songs that are similar- don’t worry, busy people, I’ve got suggestions for you. (See below)


If you love Good As Hell, take it a little further, and try these:



So there you have it. Lizzo’s 2016 single, Good As Hell, is the first entry in this new-fangled blog, Music for Busy People. Do you love this song? What’s your fav Lizzo album?

Good as Hell by Lizzo 2016



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